Slavlee Shortcodes

Put Bootstrap 3 and Font Awesome icons anywhere.

Working with TYPO3 is in very rare cases not as convienent as other CMS. For example you cannot place HTML in any input field. Thats good and safe, but sometimes you need it. 

Slavlee Shortcodes close this gap for Icons and chosen Bootstrap 3 components.

Bootstrap 3 Components

Slavlee Shortcodes let you put five of the Bootstrap 3 components and all Glyphicons anywhere you want. You can put them in each textfield of every content element and of all plugins. You can add shortcodes via TypoScript or inside any selfmade extension.

There is absolute nothing you need to do, except using the shortcodes.

Font Awesome Icons

Slavlee Shortcodes also supports all FontAwesome 4 icons. FontAwesome is one of the most famous libraries for icons in the web. Just like for the Bootstrap 3 components, you have no limits. You can use the shortcodes anywhere you want.