Slavlee GDPR YouTube

Embed YouTube and Vimeo Videos

Slavlee GDPR YouTube replaces all occurances of YouTube and Vimeo embeddings with a notification notice to comply for the latest GDPR law.

GDPR Compliance

This extension helps your existing YouTube and Vimeo videos on your webpage to instantly comply to the GDPR law. This extension will replace all iFrame embedding from YouTube and Vimeo videos with a notification message. The notification message informs the user about your privacy policy and link to your privacy page as well. 
The user can accept this notification by clicking on the replacement image and the iFrame will be build together and the video will start playing.

Slavlee GDPR YouTube Settings

Slavlee GDPR is easy to use. After adding the PageTS you can enter the page id of your privacy page in the constant editor. Inside the contant editor you can also disable the extension without the need to uninstall it.

This extension uses jQuery for the javascript part. If you have already jQuery on your webpage included, then you can also disable the jQuery embedding.