Cookie Control for TYPO3

GDPR compliance made easy!

Cookie Control displays a cookie alert on your website
where the user will be informed about the usage of cookies.

Simple and Advanced Mode

Cookie Control supports two modes. 

Simple Mode

The simple mode let this extension act like a notice alert. This alert informs the user about the usage of cookies and contains a link to your privacy page. On the privacy page you have to offer Opt-Out functions for all cookies that are storing personal data.

This solution does not guarantee the GDPR compliance, because the cookie law does not clearly explain if Opt-Out functions are enough in all circumstances.

Advanced Mode

The advanced mode makes the Cookie Control more strict and supports the so called: Opt-In version. By default all cookies will be deleted on every request as long as the user does not give his permission. Only if the user accept cookies then the deletion will be skipped.
You can get this permission within a TypoScript condition to embed tools that are using cookies after the user gave his permission.

The advanced mode supports categories. You can define for each category a list of cookies and urls that should be deleted, if the user does not give his permission for a certain category.