Slavlee Shortcodes

Set Bootstrap 4 and Font Awesome icons everywhere.

The work with TYPO3 can be complicated in very rare cases compared to other content managemen systems. For example, you can't embed HTML code everywhere. This is basically a good habit and makes your website more secure. But sometimes you need more flexibility.

This is where Slavlee Shortcodes comes in handy. You can add icons of selected Bootstrap 4 components and Font Awesome anywhere.

Bootstrap 4 components

Slavlee Shortcodes let you embed selected Bootstrap 4 components and all glyphicons anywhere. You can add them in every content element or plugin. You can even use Slavlee Shortcodes in TypoScript or self developed extensions.

All you have to do is to use the shortcodes.

Font Awesome icons

Slavlee Shortcodes supports all FontAwesome 4 icons. FontAwesome is one of the most famous libraries for icons in the web. You can use them like the shortcodes for Bootstrap 4. There are no limits. 

You can use Slavlee shortcodes simply anywhere.