Responsive TYPO3 Templates

Slavlee Package is a TYPO3 extension to create modern webpages based on Bootstrap 4. Bootstrap 4 let you create responsive websites. These websites will be adjust on every device based on the availabe width. Therefore you don't need a seperate website for mobile devices. My goal is to create modern websites for TYPO3 as easy as possible, so everybody can create it.



Many new frontend plugins

Slavlee Package extends the list of content elements to create Bootstrap components like jumbotron, accordion, tabs, cards or columns.
Every plugin is responsive and can be adjusted for every breakpoint.

Template presets

Slavlee Package comes with 4 different page templates:

  • Standard (Slavlee Package standard template)
  • Company 1 (Template for companies)
  • Company 2 (Template from
  • Fashion Blog (Template for fashion blogger)

The standard template is activated by default. To active the other page template, all you have to do is to add the PageTS in the Static TS in the TYPO3 backend.