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Hello, my name is Slavlee. I'm a TYPO3 developer, Udemy instructor and private coach.
I develope TYPO3 Extensions, provide online courses and give private lessons in Extbase and Fluid.

Slavlee Package

Powerful TYPO3 Template

Create modern websites based on Bootstrap 4. Choose one of the template presets and customize them as you want.  Slavlee Package is easy to use and contains a lot of useful frontend plugins like Jumbotron, Carousel, Accordions and more. All elements are responsive, highly customizable and can be animated.

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Private lessons

Intensify your knowledge in a personal training session.

How it works

Send me your wishes

Contact me and tell mer your goals for your personal training. We can go through all topics about TYPO3 extension development that you find interesting.

We can do the session in german or english.

I send you an offer

I study your inquiry and plan the personal session with you.

I will read your inquiry very carefully and will create a learning plan. After that I will send you a non-binding offer for you private lessons with me. The training Diese Training Sessions sind so konzipiert, dass sie nicht mehr als 3 Stunden pro Session andauern. Je nach Inhalt kann dein privater Unterricht mit mir auf mehreren Tagen aufgeteilt werden. Laut meiner Erfahrung ist s besser man hat mehrere Tage und weniger Stunden pro Tag. Das stellt sicher, dass die Aufmerksamkeit während des Privatunterricht durchgehen hoch ist.

Online courses for TYPO3 extension development

The Extbase and Fluid Masterclass

Learning goals

Master Extbase and Fluid

Learn more about TYPO3 extensions with Extbase and Fluid in practical online courses. I show you how you can kickstart extensions in no time and how to extend them as you want. If you are new to TYPO3 extension development, then this course is right for you.#

In this online course you will start as beginner and end like a pro. After this course you can create all kind of extensions for you and your customers. This can be custom content contelement, extensions of the TYPO3 functionality or page templates or themes respectively for TYPO3.

You will learn everything that you need to be a overall TYPO3 developer.

My experience is your advantage

Learn Extbase and Fluid in less than 20 hours

I have more than 10 years experience in TYPO3 extension development. I have created extensions like member databases and dozens of page templates. I show you all the tools that you need for TYPO3 extension development. Use my advantage wealth of experience of the last decade to boost your learning and get ready in less than 20 hours to develope TYPO3 extensions for you and your customers.


Online courses always and anywhere available

My online courses are 24/7 available on any device. Thanks to Udemy you can use all common payment methods. Every course has a 30 days money back guarantee.

Secure payment

I sell my products on CodeCanyon and host my online courses on Udemy. You can use all common payment methods. They are 100% secure.


I support my products for 6 months for free. The support can be extended for 12 months for a little fee. You can contact me any time and I will do my best to answer your inquiry within 24 hours.

The online courses on Udemy are available around the clock on every day. You can contact me, if you need help on Udemy any time.